Sick of being stuck in the dieting trap?

What if I told you there was a way to lose weight and get your mojo back,

without suffering or starving yourself... 

Follow my journey to finding food and body freedom.





The Blog



How many days (or years) have you spent living on carrot sticks and exercising until you flop to the floor?


Only to give up and undo your hard work with a mega junk food binge-sesh filled with guilt and shame?


Dieting sucks.  And it doesn't work.  All it does is feed that mean voice inside your head that tells you you're not good enough.

What should we do now then?  Give up?  Hell, no!

After years of being stuck in the dieting trap myself, I set out to find another way.  A better way.  And I created this website to share with you some of the insights and things that I am learning as I go along this journey.  I am on a mission to lose weight and create a healthier, fitter, more radiant version of myself.

And I would love for you to come on this journey with me!